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What's your story? Your workplace tells a story about you, through style, shape, color. You have to carefully consider how that narrative unfolds—and how you want it to end. Take a look at Connex: A line of custom glass films that blend sophisticated design and easy installation. Crafted to meet stringent project budgets and timelines. Sure to change how you approach any space and every project.

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Every glass surface is an opportunity to express your unique character. Connex is available in nine distinctive patterns with height and density variations for each family, providing the flexibilty you need to bring your designs to life. Combine different patterns and variables to create stunning new effects. Apply to both glass surfaces to create intriguing levels of depth.
Function meets form to bring brilliant dimension to your vision. Connex films diffuse light without sacrificing ambient brightness. Our full height patterns convert any glass partition into beautiful privacy glass. Combine Connex patterns with colored glass films for unique results. Use half and quarter height patterns to create engaging safety graphics. Create stunning divisions of space with patterns that elegantly disperse.
Changing your perspective is nearly as easy as changing your mind. Connex is installed, removed and replaced with ease. As your story evolves, your space can easily change with you. Our team of skilled installers ensures that every application is seamless.
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What is Connex?
Connex Designer Glass Films are self adhesive films that come in different patterns and shades and are easily replaced to update the appearance at a later time. Now any flat glass surface can be turned into a work of art, be it an office, restaurant, den, bathroom or child's room. Frosted films diffuse light without appreciably cutting down the ambient light. As a result, any existing window can be converted to privacy glass in a multitude of attractive patterns.

Where and why are Connex Films installed?
Connex Designer Glass Films are ideally suited for applications that require day or night privacy without sacrificing natural light levels in both commercial and residential applications. Commercial buildings are dramatically increasing the use of internal glass walls as partitioning. This brings natural light into offices creating greater work productivity, as well as the illusion of more space while offering privacy. Residential applications include solariums, bathrooms, entry doors and sidelights, etc.

How are Connex films installed?
Connex films are installed by a team of trusted installers from our nationwide network.

Can Connex films be removed?
Yes. Unlike other decorative glass processes, Connex films can be removed if desired. This of course is a huge advantage and most landlords do not object to their tenants' installation of film when they find out the product can be removed.

How do I clean the film after installation?
Do not clean the film for 30 days after installation. This will help secure proper curing of the adhesive system to the glass. Do not use bristle brushes, abrasive scrubbing sponges or any other cleaning materials that could scratch the film. Always use fresh clean soft materials to wash and dry the window film surface. The film can be cleaned periodically using a soap and water solution such as dishwashing fluid. Never use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents such as Windex to clean the film surface. The chemicals used in many widow cleaning agents can attack the film's adhesive causing delamination from the glass.

What is the durability of the material? How many months/years does it last?
This depends on the location you are going to install (bathroom, living room, air conditioned room or not...), and where are you living, but in general 5-9 years is no problem.

What is the color durability?
Color fastness tested to light (Fadeometer 200 hours), all films had no fading. Durability heat test (179F, 7days), all films had no change.

Will your film block UV rays, to stop fading my furniture, carpet, etc...?
To some extent, yes. The film is primarily for decoration and privacy purposes. It is important to understand there are multiple causes for fading, UV rays, visible light, infrared rays, heat, and our films do reduce all of them to some extent depending on which film is selected.

Do you have specification information for your products?
Yes, please email us at for any specification sheets needed.

What is the Connex films warranty?
Connex films will be free from defects in material and manufacture for a period of one (1) year from the date of installation.

Will your decorative films give me privacy during the day, as well as the night?
Yes, the decorative films will give you privacy day and night. We highly recommend ordering samples to make sure the film will provide sufficient privacy in your situation. With certain designs, if you have the light on inside at night and you walk by the window, people outside might be able to see your silhouette.

Designer Glass Films
by Coyle & Company
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